Welcome to the Lebanese Biosafety Clearing House Website

The LBCH serves as means through which information required under the CP is provided, including information on the Advance Informed Agreement procedure (AIA). It also serves as the channel through which national authorities will be informed about final decisions regarding notifications and domestic use (including placing on the market) of GMOs that may be subject to transboundary movement for food, feed or processing (FFPs). The Clearing-house will serve as a platform hosting tools for information dissemination and capacity building as well as links to valuable resources and links.

You can use this site to get information on:
• National contacts 
• Roster of experts
• National laws and regulations on biosafety
• Decisions and declarations
• Bilateral, regional and international agreements related to biosafety
• The latest announcements and events 
• Publications 
• National Biosafety Framework Project (NBFP)

You can also join one of our discussion groups and voice your opinion on many important issues of biosafety.
Please feel free to contact us with any suggestions, comments, corrections or additions. Your input and contribution to improving this site are always welcome.


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