National Coordinating Committee 
National Coordinating Committee

The National Coordinating Committee (NCC) will work together as a team on management of the National Project and meet at least on a quarterly basis with the following duties:
1- Develop a common understanding of what is needed to expedite the preparation of a National Biosafety Framework;
2- Oversee the preparation of the National Biosafety Framework;
3- Approve the detailed work plan and budget produced by the NPC;
4- Mobilize necessary expertise, as needed for the proper execution of the National Project outputs;
5- Provide overall policy advice on the implementation of the National Project; Review and advise on the main outputs of the National Project;
6- Ensure that information on the implementation of the National Project as well as the National Project outputs is brought to the attention of local and national authorities for follow up;
7- Assist in mobilizing available data and ensure a constant information flow between all concerned parties;
8- Allow for effective communication and decision-making between the National Project Coordinator and other actors [Not sure if this relevant now that we are at the end of the project-but can put it I guess];
9- Ensure that the environmental policy of the Government is fully reflected in the National Project documentation;
10- Review and approve the Biosafety Assessment, National Project Outputs and Framework Documents.

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