النسخة العربية
national contacts
  • A focal point for the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety (article 19;

  • A national BCH focal point to liaise with the Secretariat regarding issues of relevance to the development and implementation of the BCH (decision BS-I/3;

  • A point of contact for notifications of unintentional transboundary movements (article 17;

      1. Lebanese National focal point on Biosafety:

      Ms. Diane KLAIMI
      MSc. Phytopathology
      Biosafety Focal Point
      Ministry of Environment
      Service of Conservation of Nature
      Tel: +961-1-976555 ext 410
      Fax: +961-1-976530
      Lazarieh Buiding,
      P.O. Box 11-2727
      Beirut, Lebanon

      2. Lebanese National BCH focal point:

      Not yet defined

      3. Lebanese point of contact for notification of unintentional transboundary movements:

      Not yet defined
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