Development of the National Biosafety Framework for Lebanon Project

The Ministry of Environment (MOE) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) are working on the development of the NBF project for Lebanon in collaboration with the Initiative for Biodiversity Studies in Arid Regions (IBSAR) at the American University of Beirut.  The project is funded by UNEP/GEF.  Towards that goal, A group of experts from IBSAR is working in close collaboration with the Biosafety Focal Point at the MOE, seeking national participation and consensus to develop a NBF for Lebanon that includes procedures for the safe application of biotechnology in accordance with administrative, legislative, risk assessment and public participation systems.

The UNEP/GEF (United Nations Environment Programme/Global Environment Facility) project on the Development of National Biosafety Frameworks (NBFs) is one of the main components for the implementation of the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety. More  

The Project’s overall goal is the development of a National Biosafety Framework and the recommendation of procedures for follow up and implementation.

Towards that goal, the Projects main activities are:
  • Survey, analysis and creation of a national database relevant to biotechnology and biosafety issues including legislation;
  • Establishment of a National Coordinating Committee (NCC);
  • Storage and management of gathered information to promote public participation;
  • Creation of a database listing national experts in fields related to biotechnology and biosafety, risk assessment and risk management of LMOs;
  • Building the Biosafety Clearing House for Lebanon;
  • Organization of national workshops (First National Workshop, Second National Workshop and Third National Workshop)  to initiate public participation targeted to relevant stakeholders including public and private sectors and national legislators for awareness purposes;
  • Production of public awareness materials and publishing of inventories and guidelines.

The National Coordinating Committee (NCC) includes 13 members and is composed of the following:
• Ministry of Agriculture: Eng. Charles Zarzour
• Ministry of Health: Mr. Farid Karam
• Ministry of Economy and Trade: Dr. Ali Berro
• Customs: Mr. Moussa Hazime
• National Center for Scientific Research: Dr. Marie Abi Saab
• Lebanese Agricultural Research Institute, Tel Amara, Bekaa: Dr. Lamis Chalak
• University Saint Joseph: In Process
• Lebanese University: In Process
• American University of Beirut: Dr. Rabih Talhouk
• Consumers Lebanon: Dr. Mirna Germanos
• Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture: In Process
• ASPLANT: Eng. Adel Issa.
• Greenline Association: In Process

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